How To Prepare A Vehicle For Junk Car Removal

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If you have an old vehicle that you want to sell to a cash-for-junk-cars company, then the company will usually collect the vehicle once you sell it to them. While you might not think that you have any work to do at this stage, you should check that your vehicle is good to go before the tow truck arrives. What do you need to do?

Clear Out Your Personal Possessions

Look through the vehicle to make sure that you remove all your personal possessions before it is towed away. Don't just glance in your glove box and trunk; empty them out.

Make sure to look in hidden areas too. Chances are, some stuff will have fallen under seats and even under carpet mats. So, make a thorough check of all the car.

While you don't have to clear out rubbish from the car, it's not a bad idea to remove all your garbage. Junk can hide personal items that you might lose if you don't see them.

Remove Agreed Parts

If you want to take out parts or components, either to use later or to sell, then take them out now. For example, you might want to take out the stereo, spare tire, GPS system, and battery.

If you haven't talked this through with the company you're selling to, then give them a call. The price they quoted might change if you take out items of value. Also, some companies won't buy vehicles if they don't have certain parts, such as engines. So, it's best to check before you strip anything out.

Siphon Out Your Gas

If your vehicle has a full tank of gas, then you can siphon it out to use in another vehicle if you want. This saves you a few useful dollars.

While a towed vehicle doesn't need a full tank, your vehicle will need some gas if the company will drive it away from your home. In this case, you'll need to leave some gas in the tank.

You should also gather all the stuff you need to hand over when the junk car company comes to collect your vehicle. For example, they'll need its keys and title documents or proof of ownership. They won't pay for the car and remove it until they can make a legal transfer.

To find out if there is anything else to do before they take your vehicle away, talk to your cash-for-junk-cars company. For more information, contact a company like Quick Cash For Junk Cars.