Keeping The Air Condoning In Your Car Working Properly With Regular Maintenance

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The air conditioning system in your car or truck does not require a lot of work to ensure it is working, but there are some things you should check from time to time. Keeping the system working efficiently can include some simple tasks that you can address at home or have your service technician deal with.

Belts And Hoses

Your vehicle's air conditioning system has several hoses and at least one belt that drives the compressor to make the system work. Taking the time to check the belt for wear or damage is important because if it breaks, the compressor will not work, and there will be no cold air coming out of the system. 

The hoses in the system run from the compressor to the evaporator and from the evaporator to the condenser. In many cars, these are rubber hoses with steel ends on them, so it is essential to check the hoses from time to time for damage to the rubber or problems with the ends. 

If the hoses or belts are damaged, you will need to have them replaced. Because the hoses carry refrigerant throughout the system, replacing a hose also means the auto air conditioning system will need recharging after the new hose is installed on the vehicle. 

System Pressure

The pressure in the auto air condition system on your car or truck is vital. If the pressure in the system is too low, it indicates a leak somewhere that needs to be repaired right away. Once the system pressure drops too far, the refrigerant can not work as effectively, so the air coming out of the system may be cool but not cold enough to maintain the temperature inside the vehicle on a hot day.

The auto repair shop or an auto air conditioning shop can check the pressure in the system for you. If they can not find a leak anywhere in the system, they can replace the refrigerant for you to make the air cold again. It is not uncommon for older refrigerants to become less effective over time. While recharging the air conditioning is not something you need to do regularly, it could be necessary for older cars and trucks.

Ait Filters

Your vehicle's auto air conditioning system does not explicitly have a filter in it, but the air coming into the car from the AC runs through the cabin air filter to ensure it is clean and free of contaminants. When running the AC system a lot, you should change the filter more often or have it checked when you have your car serviced. 

The more air that passes through the cabin air filter, the dirtier the filter will get, and eventually, it can impede the flow of air through it.  

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