Motorcycle Designs Considered Most Suitable For Beginners

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Before buying a motorcycle for the first time, interested buyers might want to do a little research about how popular various styles are. Unless they are already very familiar with a range of models and know their preferences, this research will help them make a satisfactory decision. If they have a specific brand in mind, such as Harley-Davidson, they then can narrow down the choices accordingly.

Cruisers and Standards

Men and women who are inexperienced at operating a motorcycle are typically encouraged to choose a cruiser or standard instead of other models. These motorcycles have a low seat height, which means riders can have both feet flat on the ground in the stopped position. With all the options available at dealerships, most adults can find a bike that allows for this. 

Standard bikes are generally more compact and weigh less than cruisers. But cruisers are considered more comfortable because of the relaxed seating design. For that reason, people who want to take road trips on the bike might prefer a cruiser.

Sport Bikes

Another possibility for beginners would be a sportbike because of its light weight and the availability of versions with a low seat height. However, these motorcycles are mainly intended for riders focusing on speed, power, and performance. For that reason, first-time buyers may prefer one of the other options.

Considerations for Women

As of 2018, some 19 percent of motorcycle owners are women. Female ownership is on the rise, with this latest data being 9 percent higher than was the case 10 years previous. The numbers are higher for younger ladies, with 26 percent of millennial generation motorcycle owners being women.

Manufacturers continue responding to the trend by producing bikes appealing to this market share and transporting them to dealerships nationwide. A relatively compact, lighter-weight bike is simply more manageable. On average, women are shorter and weigh less than men. That makes these style considerations important for most women, who may feel intimidated by a larger, heavier bike until they gain substantial experience. 

Getting Started

Consumers can shop for new and used motorcycles at area dealerships where they'll find a broad range of models. Many men and women would like to buy a new one, but that might not be in the budget until later. Used bikes in excellent condition may be one appealing possibility for these individuals. Dealerships might sell brand-related clothing and other gear as well. People interested in buying a motorcycle may begin by viewing the inventory shown on a dealer's website.