3 Reasons Roadside Assistance Services Are Crucial For Owner-Operators

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When you own and operate your own truck, there's nothing that hurts your bottom line more than unexpected downtime. Nothing, of course, except downtime that also comes with a costly towing and repair bill. Preventative maintenance is critical for avoiding breakdowns on the road, but mechanical failures can sometimes be inevitable.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the financial pain of finding yourself stuck on the side of the road. Having access to a suitable 24/7 commercial roadside assistance program is one way to prevent a mechanical hiccup from turning into a disaster for your finances. This article will outline three ways that roadside assistance for your truck can translate into direct savings.

1. Avoid Towing and Storage Charges

It's no secret that towing a big rig can be expensive, especially if you aren't familiar with local towing companies. Towing your truck from the side of the road can put a significant dent in your trip's profit margins, especially if you need to store it overnight. These costs are sometimes unavoidable, such as with severe mechanical failures, but they can be frustrating when dealing with minor problems.

With a roadside assistance program, you can get help with straightforward problems such as a dead battery or flat tire without needing a tow. Not only will these services save you cash on recovery fees, but they can also let you get back on the road much more quickly.

2. Take Advantage of Fluid and Fuel Delivery

The best way to deal with needing fluid top-ups on the side of the road is to prevent them with proper maintenance, but there are never any guarantees on the road. If you find yourself low on coolant or oil, then continuing to drive your truck can lead to damage far more costly than a simple service visit. Many roadside assistance programs can deliver fluids to you so that you can safely resume your trip.

3. Access Reliable Towing Services

When all else fails, towing your truck to the nearest service center may be your best option. In these cases, you will want to ensure that you are using a safe and reliable service to avoid any further damage to your truck. Roadside assistance programs work with a trusted network of companies to guarantee that you always have access to a towing service that you can trust with your most valuable asset.

Running a trucking business as an owner-operator requires you to make choices to minimize risk without breaking your budget. A good roadside assistance program can fulfill both of these goals by preventing roadside emergencies from draining your wallet and destroying your profits. For more information about 24-hour truck road service, contact a local emergency service provider.