Scrap-Metal Collecting: 4 Benefits of Using Dump Trailers

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Collecting scrap metal is a great way to make extra money. When you are collecting debris, recycling materials, or appliances, all of those items can be very bulky and quickly fill up a truck bed. If you're looking for a way to organize your scrap metal and cash it in quickly, then you may want to consider purchasing a dump trailer. There are several benefits when it comes to using dump trailers with scrap-metal trips. Overall, doing so will make the process go a lot easier and comes with a number of great features. By reading through the benefits, you can understand how these features can be used for your personal scrap-metal needs.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Going to a scrap-metal yard and unloading all of the materials can be a time-consuming process. To help speed this up, you have the ability to easily load and unload using a dump trailer. These trailers often feature a scissor-lift mechanism that can rise and lower the trailer as needed. If you have a lot of smaller items like pipes, it allows them to naturally go toward the back of the trailer without having to climb in it and manually move them forward. A lot of dump trailers also come equipped with ramps. This makes it easy to load and unload large scrap items like refrigerators and washers.

Two-Way Gates

Organizing and accessing your scrap-metal products can also be made a lot easier with the use of two-way gates. These gates can open in multiple directions to help control the way metal is packed in and accessed. A barn-door style opening will give you direct access to the whole back of the trailer. Each door pulls out to the side and makes it easy to reach back and grab items from the trailer. A sliding door will rise upward, allowing you to pull out smaller items without having a fully loaded trailer all just start to dump out. If rain or moisture has filled the trailer, then the sliding door is a great way to drain the extra water.

Tarp Systems

Damaged and rusted metals may not be as valuable at the scrap yard. This is why it's important to look for a trailer that features a tarp system. A tarp system is built into the trailer and automatically gives you access to a protective covering for your metal. Not only is this ideal for protecting against weather elements, but it can provide several benefits to the metal that you are transporting. A tarp can help prevent thin metals or smaller pieces from falling out of the trailer. If you drive on high-speed areas like highways, it can help prevent the debris from flying out and making contact with other vehicles. When you are purchasing a trailer with a tarp system, you will find it will have automatic connection points that make the tarp easy to attach and apply for every load you transport.


When transporting items in the back of the truck, the tarp system can create a whole maze of bungee cords and other issues. A lot of dump trailers are automatically installed with D-rings placed in them. D-rings are small metal rings that make the system ideal for attaching bungee cords or connection cables. The cords can attach easily, allowing you to secure large items to the back of the trailer. With these clips, you can easily organize your scrap-metal items. The more you use the trailer, the easier it will be to figure out the best positions for the various products.

Dump-trailer dealers can help find the ideal trailer for your scrap-metal needs. Along with these benefits, a solid frame and trailer bed can handle all types of metals and products.