Used Semi Truck Safety Add-On Systems To Consider

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If you have recently been successful in obtaining your CDL license and want to branch out as an owner-operator, then you certainly need your own truck. Used trucks are typically a lot less expensive than newer varieties. In some cases, you may be able to find a used semi for close to $35,000, while a new truck can cost as much as $100,000. Unfortunately, older trucks may not have all the safety features you desire. If you want to be as safe as possible without having to purchase an expensive rig, then keep reading to learn about a few add-ons to buy and install on your truck.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

You likely understand that checking the tires before you drive is one of the most important aspects of your safety check. Tire checks allow you to look for sidewall damage, tread wear, missing valve caps, and air leaks. They also allow you to check for drops in air pressure, and they let you set the proper pressure for your tires. This pressure is something to consider based on the load you intend on carrying, and it is best to retain air pressure above 100 PSI. In most cases, air pressure around 110 or 120 is ideal. 

Not only do you need to be sure that tire PSI is correct before your trip, you also need to make sure it remains consistent. Dropping air pressure can lead to blown out tires and accidents.

While newer semis have on-board air pressure monitoring systems, older trucks do not typically have them. You can and should purchase an add-on tire pressure monitoring system. Many of these systems provide a dash display and an alarm that alerts you to dangerous air pressure and tire temperature changes. Systems are often wireless and rely on information supplied by the four to ten valve mounted sensors installed on each wheel. Some of these air pressure monitoring devices also come equipped with air pressure regulators. Equalization devices that add and release air according to pressure and temperature readings are an option too.

Collision Mitigation Systems

Many semis are now equipped with automatic braking systems that slow down and stop your truck when an accident is imminent. These accident prevention devices are linked directly to the air brakes and use the on-board computer system to help keep accidents to a minimum. While your used semi may not be equipped with a computer system capable of handling the installation of an accident prevention device, you can have a collision mitigation system installed instead.

Collision mitigation systems are radar-based devices that help to control your speed and following distance to reduce accident risks. Some of these systems will have active braking that can help to slow down and stop your truck much like an accident control system. While the device is not nearly as sophisticated as a computer and camera assisted device, it can increase commercial vehicle driving safety a great deal.

Collision mitigation systems require the installation of a radar broadcast device towards the front of the vehicle. This system actively tracks how close you truck moves towards moving, stopping, and stopped vehicles. If your truck comes too close, a warning will sound to draw your attention to the potential hazard. If the system is attached to your brakes, then the semi will slow down as well. 

Some collision systems come with cruise control systems that adjust based on the distance of vehicles driving ahead of you. This is ideal if you want to remain safe while also reducing feelings of fatigue on long trips.

If you are a new owner-operator, then you may be looking for a semi truck that meets your needs. A used variety can certainly provide you with what you desire, but you should consider safety add-ons that can help to elevate the safety rating of your truck. For more information, visit a site like